Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prelude Baby

Just a quick post about how excited I am for Prelude in Kennebunkport, Maine (my hometown) this weekend. Kennebunkport was rated the second best holiday town in the United States by HGTV (see here).

So, I am about to go into the Port and see old friends I have not seen in a while and celebrate. The town goes all out decorating, shops are open, restaurants glowing, hot chocoloate flowing (I just rhymed there didn't I?) Anyways- as my sister said last night, "The port looks like Whoville from The Grinch". Hopefully I will get a picture or two to show you just how beautiful it is.

Oh- and it is my birthday tomorrow, which makes it extra special. Yes, I am a Prelude Baby!

No matter what you are celebrating, enjoy this festive time of year.

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Miss Lucy's First Stocking

My sister asked me to help her with a Christmas stocking for her daughter (my beautiful niece) Lucy. I happily agreed to help, and this is what we came up with. I cannot wait to see it year after year. Katie and I had a great time making it together, and a lot of laughs.

- We lined it with green polka-dot fabric I just happened to have. It was an easy hem since we used the zigzag sewing machine stitch.

- Katie wanted it to be fun, romantic and girly. We decided to use pink ribbons that I had across the top. We went back and forth about doing the entire stocking- I think we made the right choice.

- Using the zigzag stitch I sewed on (before I sewed the stocking front and back together!) a tree Katie cut out using a cookie cutter as a guide. The fabric matches Lucy's bedroom curtains and another project which involved a pillow her Uncle Matt did which I will blog about soon.

- I think adding the tree really ties the stocking together. To hang it, I used a piece of leftover ribbon and looped and sewed it into the corner.

Merry Christmas Miss Lucy- I cannot wait to celebrate many Christmases to come and hope Santa fills your stocking very well each year!

Oh- and because she is so cute...I can't not post a picture of her.