Monday, April 30, 2012

iPad, working and fun!

Wow! A lot has been going on here! I have some exciting news (which deserves a post of its own, and no, no babies!) I have been working up a storm and trying to balance that with blogging, so apologizes for being a little absent lately!! I am excited for my board of directors meeting tomorrow night with Dress for Success of Maine, they are an amazing non profit I look forward to working with! We also got an iPad which I am testing out the blogger app with as I type this! It is OK, I need to learn more about it. We have also been trying to enjoy the weather and yard work. So I hope everyone is enjoying the spring! Don't forget to enter for the Tipsy Skipper clutch giveaway too... Picking tomorrow. More to come soon... Xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting a Little Tipsy on my Captain Morgan...Clutch!

I am so excited to introduce (for those who do not already know) Kearsley from Tipsy Skipper! I love this amazing company founded and run by Kearsley, a RISD graduate and fellow lover of all things New England. Living and growing her company in Rhode Island, Kearsley hopes bold colors and patterns evoke a sense of refreshing, adventurous and rejuvenating exploits – like a climb along the rocky New England coastline or a plunge into Block Island Sound. Kearsley says "many experiences and creative people have influenced her work, and owes a debt of thanks to the talented folks at Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer who, through amazing internships, have enhanced my understanding of commercial design and inspired me to embark on this fantastic voyage". 

You will see just how amazing her pieces are. Tipsy Skipper also does custom orders for weddings, sororities and other special events. I have even seen a few clutches monogrammed!

These flats are my favorite- something about gold and!
The Pinch Me pattern in a cute tote!
How perfect for a wedding! If only I knew about Tipsy last year! 

All Tipsy Skipper pieces are made in the USA!

Really cute flips too- perfect for the beach!
Kearsley with a cute Captain Morgan clutch (she is a descendant- after all!)

I am so excited to let you know that Tipsy Skipper is doing a giveaway to a lucky blog reader! You can win this adorable Petal to the Metal clutch with mint ribbon! I absolutely LOVE this clutch, and it can be so versatile. 

Here is what I would pair this clutch with- for vacation or a wedding!
Tipsy Skipper Outfit

Sooo...I know you want to win this amazing clutch! To enter to win:

- Please 'like' 16 Bourne and Tipsy Skipper Facebook pages
- Please follow us on Twitter: @sarahreaganauer and @Tipsy_Skipper
- And leave me a comment letting me know you already follow- or have followed us! 

If you would like another entry to win, please:
- Tweet about this giveaway- and leave me a comment letting me know that you did
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I will pick the winner on Tuesday, May 1st! Good luck!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basics + Prints + Budget = Sarah's Spring Must Haves

Now that it is OFFICIALLY spring, it is time to get some basics (that don't break the bank) to match with you splurges! Here are a few I have from Old Navy (if you pick through, you can get some great things there). They always have coupons and discounts be sure to always 'Google/Bing' Old Navy coupons before you head out to shop. Enjoy!

I have this top, have worn it twice with jeans and gold flats...would be really cute with white jeans too (after Memorial Day!)

I have this top on now, as I type this. Perfect for after work, throwing on with black calf length stretch pants and the gold flips at the end of this post! Side note: it is quarter length sleeve- although hard to tell in picture.

I have this tank, so cute with a white cardigan and jeans with gold flips! 

This is cute, again, with jeans or white jeans and teal accents. I love the muted tomato reds and corals with teal!

I literally have 6 pairs of these flips (from J Crew and Old Navy). Good basic colors are a must, like shiny black, gold, silver and grey. I will not lie, J Crew hold up much better, but if you want a cheap-o pair for around town, you cannot beat this price. I got mine for $9 with coupon.

So there are some fun basics that will afford you to save up for some favorite must haves. All go with jeans, white pants, and neutral colored skirts!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yet Another Way to Use Spray Paint- Spring Planters!

After doing everything we could think of besides yard work, including purchasing an iPad and a sewing machine (guess whose is whose) we had to do some yard and housework today. Once we get started, we are fine with it- in fact I would dare to say we sometimes enjoy it. One quick project you can do for under $20 (depending on materials) is Grecian style urn planters. Aubuchon Hardware and Rite Aid actually have plastic urn's for under $7 a piece, I got two. They only had them in a faux concrete/cement ivory and I really like black accents for my house since my front doors are black. So just by using a few coats of Krylon black glossy spray paint, you can easily have an totally different look!

I use cardboard to spray paint on- trust me, it takes about 4-5 times cutting the lawn before your leftover paint goes away.

Few coats and some sunshine, they are good to go in an hour or so. I don't do the inside since it will be full of soil and plants. 

And with a little Picnik (bummed to see it go this week) here are the two with some newly planted flowers and herbs. (Don't judge my stoop and how badly it needs some paint).

I planted lavender, pansies, lemon thyme, chives and even a little piece of my hosta from the garden. I have seen on Pinterest some doing this, so I figured I would give it a try. It very well could take over the entire urn, we will see! 

So even if you don't have a green thumb, these are pretty easy. Keep in mind, a few weeks after you fill your planters, they really start to fill in and look really nice and lush. These will look a lot different after some more sun and rain. Happy Spring!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A look into Flea-for-All | Portland, Maine

 Ahhh the smell of spring. New beginnings, boots put away, windows being washed, and making room in your home for new things (well, for me anyways!) What perfect timing for Flea-for-All in my beloved Portland, Maine! Nathaniel and Erin started working on this idea over two years ago, and with a lot of hard work, planning, and meetings with the City of Portland- they are opening their doors on Saturday, April 14th to the public!

I had an informal chat with them today in the new space (formerly Asia West on Kennebec) to get a little more insight on what the new Flea-for-All is all about! While touring the amazing three floors (two will be used for the market) of the old building that exudes character I learned that Nathaniel and Erin had a vision for a flea market that was a hybrid of crafts, handmade goods, vintage, antiques and one of a kinds you can only find at a flea market. Although juried, they have a low key process and want to ensure the variety and mix works for the market. Inspiration form Brooklyn Flea and SoWa in Boston encouraged the duo to start a similar idea in Portland. Years ago there was the Expo market in Portland, but since that has been closed (we think maybe 2004-ish) there has been a gap in the community for artist, crafters, antiquers, jewelry makers and the like to come together and sell their goods. They admit many of the vendors look at these types of markets as a 'stepping stone' for possibly a shop of their own, but like to take it slow, and get their feet wet before jumping into their own place.

I was amazed at the space and size of the venue (I had been there when it was Asia West, but there is something about huge rooms with hard wood floors, beams and exposed brick that looks so nice). There are lots of possibilities for what Flea-for-All will become over the next few weeks and months (possibly food vendors in the future) and I know I am excited and cheering them on all the way!

                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Lucilles

 A taste of some vendors at Flea-for-All include Lucilles which specializes in vintage, retro and handmade. I loved the amazing vintage fans!  Below: quick shot of a few items getting ready for opening day. 

Erin and Nathaniel will also be representing their own vintage finds at Clever Chickadee. Below is an amazing chair from their collection.

                                                                                  Photo: Courtesy of Clever Chickadee 

 Shot of the space before the hustle and bustle on Saturday!

Nathaniel and Erin while showing me around the amazing space.

 Really great calendar made out of old CDs with chalkboard paint by Erin!

 And if you know me, I love this little stool. Might have to go back for that on Saturday ;)

I am totally obsessed with this lamp shade! Look at the great knob on the top. You can find these at the market- be sure to visit Re Go

                                                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Re Go

And this amazing typewriter from Jack's Sprats! 

                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Jack's Sprats 

There is ample parking in a leased lot across the street and in front of the building. 

Doors will be opening on Saturday, April 14th from 10AM- 5PM with no admission.

I hope you check it out- and if you cannot this weekend, don't worry- they will be open year round! Best of luck and congratulations Erin and Nathaniel!! So excited and cannot wait to check it out! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

April Showers bring... New Closets!

I am so excited to have been featured on Mainely Mara's Spring 2012 Style Selection of her blog! You can check out the full reveal of the closet here. She offers some of the best deals on all of the must haves in Portland, Maine from fashion to spa and beauty! I highly recommend you check out her blog and sign up for her daily deals! I wanted to do a quick re-cap of the master closet Matt and I did...after a lot of back and forth, we settled on this! Enjoy

This photo is so before, this was taken during the inspection of the house before we even bought it!

After a little elbow grease, Matt ripped out all the rods and patched up the walls.

And we are getting there...

Still getting there! We decided to do a built-in bench at the end to make it kind of like a room, since it has a window in it. It is a great place to put your shoes on! 

I have a million scarfs and pashminas- so I came up with this handy dandy little contraption (with a little Pinterest inspiration).

And the finished product! I had the bench cushion custom made with fabric I got for a steal at under $3.00 a yard! I made the curtain to match, and found a few accessories around the house. 

I hope you enjoyed the total closet renovation! I am so glad we did it- it makes putting my clothes away not so unbearable! Thanks again Mara for featuring it on your blog! I greatly appreciate it.