Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Didn't I Think of That? Volume 4

Why Didn't I Think of That? 

Another round of WDITOT! This one is a no brainier for those koozies. I hate that ring around the bottom that leaves a stain on your shower.

What a great way to make your own box for rings! Just find an old cigar box- I always see them at flea markets and yard sales for pretty cheap. 


I know my husband would love it if I actually did this. Easy with just a rubber band!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Make your own magnets out of an old map! Love it!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Adventure- Nicola's Home!

I am so excited to be working for Nicola's Home! My last day with Kemp Goldberg was on Tuesday, and started with Nicola's on Wednesday (nothing like jumping right in!). I will be working with Nicola on all aspects of the business, which includes interior design, custom built homes and an amazing shop in the Old Port of Portland as Project Manager/Wearing A lot of Hats role! This is a dream opportunity for me, and I am so excited to be apart of her team! We have a great online shop (check it out here) with a lot of new things coming in for summer. I am not sure how this will effect my blogging- but hope you understand if I do not do as many posts as usual for a while. Thanks for you continued support and understanding! 

Nicola has amazing bedding, and beautiful custom made pillows! Her bedrooms are to die for. 

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Is this not an amazing alfresco dinner party. All of the pillows and tabletop wear is available at the shop and online!

We also carry beautiful Maine made wool blankets, hobnail glass candles, Libeco linens, Kerry Cassill linens and robes and much more. Find out about new product and sales on our Facebook page too!  Happy shopping! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Diploma + Special Someone = The Perfect Gift

Need some idea for that upcoming grad in your life? Here are a few ideas that I know I would have LOVED to get from graduating high school or college. To help ease the thought of school loans...surprise a grad with a special gift.

Monogram bracelet for that special girl! This will never go out of style. You can order this one from etsy at Marinette.

Source: via Jocelyn on Pinterest

For a twist on the traditional delicate monogram bracelet, go with a chunky charm bracelet with pearl charm.This one starts at only $39 from Handpicked.

A wool blanket is something you can have forever. It is a timeless and useful piece which make a great gift. This one is from Eleanor Pritchard who designs the patterns in her London studio and are made in a small Welsh mill by 100% new wool. You can check them out and buy them at Nicola's Homes.

You cannot go wrong with a nice picture frame. Although most of our photos are stored online, having a favorite photo on your dresser or next to your bed can ease homesickness (it did for me anyways). This Kate Spade frame is classy and simple and will go with any decor.
Source: via giggle on Pinterest

I know, I know...we never use pencils (or pens for that matter) anymore...but why not?! In class you will still need something to write with (even if it is exchanging numbers!) and why not have the cutest pencil case in the world. It makes a perfect gift for a high school grad!

I literally have five of these bags, and the more you use and wash them, the softer and more worn in they look. Add a monogram (several styles and colors) from LL Bean in good old Maine!

Need I say more? Could be good for college grads too...from my own experience. You can order them from Amazon for a steal. 

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

I love love love this iPad case from Anthropologie. The herringbone pattern is one of my favorites.

 Fill a laundry bag with detergent, dryer sheets and other necessities for the recent high school grad heading out into the real world! Urban Outfitters has cute ones!

Giving the every so popular cash money!? Spruce it up with a cute smaller wallet or clutch- you can get really great ones from Clare Vivier or more budget friendly J Crew.

Graduating in '12! How perfect is a Sea Bag with a 12 on it! Comes in tons of colors too. You can match the alma mater or future school!

I hope you find inspiration in some of these ideas. Be sure to share what you are giving
as gifts. Happy May!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Mason Mason Mason

I know mason jars have been 'done'...but I still love them genuinely. I have them in my kitchen as glasses we use for everything. Here are a few great ways to use a few of those mason jars you have kicking around. Side Note: You can get really old mason jars at antique shops (some in a really pretty blues) or buy them new at  your local hardware store. I have used them from my sisters bachelorette party favors (it was a southern Rodeo party) to center pieces at a rehearsal dinner.

Great raspberry cocktail- and the cutest straw to boot. You can get similar paper straws from Shop Sweet Lu Lu

 Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

 You may recall my DIY sewing kit made with a mason jar. 

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

My friend Suz over at Well To Do You makes great salads in a jar!

Unique take on your kitchen or dining room lights. 

Source: via Angelica on Pinterest

Cute way to accessorize your craft closet. 

Source: via Germaine on Pinterest

And a beautiful table setting at a wedding, this is one of my favorites! 

What will you be doing with your mason jars!