Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting a Little Tipsy on my Captain Morgan...Clutch!

I am so excited to introduce (for those who do not already know) Kearsley from Tipsy Skipper! I love this amazing company founded and run by Kearsley, a RISD graduate and fellow lover of all things New England. Living and growing her company in Rhode Island, Kearsley hopes bold colors and patterns evoke a sense of refreshing, adventurous and rejuvenating exploits – like a climb along the rocky New England coastline or a plunge into Block Island Sound. Kearsley says "many experiences and creative people have influenced her work, and owes a debt of thanks to the talented folks at Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer who, through amazing internships, have enhanced my understanding of commercial design and inspired me to embark on this fantastic voyage". 

You will see just how amazing her pieces are. Tipsy Skipper also does custom orders for weddings, sororities and other special events. I have even seen a few clutches monogrammed!

These flats are my favorite- something about gold and!
The Pinch Me pattern in a cute tote!
How perfect for a wedding! If only I knew about Tipsy last year! 

All Tipsy Skipper pieces are made in the USA!

Really cute flips too- perfect for the beach!
Kearsley with a cute Captain Morgan clutch (she is a descendant- after all!)

I am so excited to let you know that Tipsy Skipper is doing a giveaway to a lucky blog reader! You can win this adorable Petal to the Metal clutch with mint ribbon! I absolutely LOVE this clutch, and it can be so versatile. 

Here is what I would pair this clutch with- for vacation or a wedding!
Tipsy Skipper Outfit

Sooo...I know you want to win this amazing clutch! To enter to win:

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I will pick the winner on Tuesday, May 1st! Good luck!!