Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Gift Giving Time Again

1. J Crew Cashmere Wash by The Laundress New York®
2. Coasters by Sea bags- made from recycled sails, made in Maine
3. Bracelet made from marine ropes by The Ropes (I wear mine all the time)
4. The Lipper hand-made natural chapstick
5. Tocca Candle-
Cleopatra Candelina is one of my favorites
6. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for Lilly Pulitzer- especially this Murfee Scarf
7. WEWOOD Watch (how cool is that watch!) from a great shop, Minka Home
8. A favorite, Spaces Kennebunkport and the John Robshaw Dob Kit (I think it is fine for girls too, just sayin')
9. And for the acquired taste buds, Maine Mead Works- Honeymaker Lavender Mead. It is very sweet, but good for an after dinner wine

*Note, there are hyperlinks above (just hover over), I am working on how to make them a different color once published.

Gift giving is one of my favorite times of year. There is something about finding that perfect gift- no matter how big or small...

On another note, I have tried this new tactic of pasting several photos on one page, and uploading one (see above), not sure how it is going to look. I got the idea from Pinterest (obviously!). It is kind of the DIY way to throw some pics into one. I found a good tutorial here from a great blog in Switzerland.

Happy gift giving...

Volume 2

Welcome to Volume 2 (better late than never) of Why Didn't I Think of That! There are sooo many good ideas all over the place, especially now with Pinterest, so it is hard to find a few favorites. Needless to are a few goodies I have been saving.

1. Feeling cold outside? Well start planning your summer soirees. How awesome is this picnic table idea. Such a great way to keep wines cool in the hot summer sun. We have not tried this yet, but my husband said it looks 'easy', which is good news for me!

2. OK, this seems extremely easy. Just bake cookie dough over the back side of a detailed cupcake tin/ mini bunt pan. Pop them off when done, add ice cream or another fun treat, and you have an instant edible bowl.

3. I dont know about you, but I really dove right into the Mason Jar craze. I now have about a million of them around my house. While the craze might be dying down, I think this is a great way to still use them without over-doing it.

4. Happy Holidays! I love getting Holiday cards in the mail, LOVE IT. This is a great way to show them without the trusty old refrigerator display (although that works too!)

Well, I hope you liked some of these Why Didn't I Think of That ideas and inspiration. Thank you to all of the blogs and influences above. Enjoy!