Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basics + Prints + Budget = Sarah's Spring Must Haves

Now that it is OFFICIALLY spring, it is time to get some basics (that don't break the bank) to match with you splurges! Here are a few I have from Old Navy (if you pick through, you can get some great things there). They always have coupons and discounts too...so be sure to always 'Google/Bing' Old Navy coupons before you head out to shop. Enjoy!

I have this top, have worn it twice with jeans and gold flats...would be really cute with white jeans too (after Memorial Day!)

I have this top on now, as I type this. Perfect for after work, throwing on with black calf length stretch pants and the gold flips at the end of this post! Side note: it is quarter length sleeve- although hard to tell in picture.

I have this tank, so cute with a white cardigan and jeans with gold flips! 

This is cute, again, with jeans or white jeans and teal accents. I love the muted tomato reds and corals with teal!

I literally have 6 pairs of these flips (from J Crew and Old Navy). Good basic colors are a must, like shiny black, gold, silver and grey. I will not lie, J Crew hold up much better, but if you want a cheap-o pair for around town, you cannot beat this price. I got mine for $9 with coupon.

So there are some fun basics that will afford you to save up for some favorite must haves. All go with jeans, white pants, and neutral colored skirts!