Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need Another Unique Wedding Gift Idea- Look No Further!

Matt and I recieved an amazing wedding gift from his brother, Erich and girlfriend Angela. He is an amazing wood craftsman! They refurbished this old trunk they found at a market. They did an amazing job with the details. The fabric on the inside is all brand new, along with the hand-crafted shelving and storage. My favorite part was how they filled it with really fun things, on every layer! From UNO cards to wine, they did an amazing job. It was like opening a beautiful stocking on Christmas morning. Thank you Erich and Angela, we totally owe you :)

Just a taste of what they filled it with:

- Paper umbrellas for our cocktails
- UNO cards
- Crayons
- Crainum (best game ever)
- Fabric and other fun sewing accouterments for my sewing
- Water guns - because you just never know
- Pink plastic Flamingo - we named Lester and he made an appearance at the beach for our wedding
- Animal crackers
- Maple candy- Matt's favorite
- Maple cookies- another one of Matt's favorite
- Rug
- Match box cars
- Model John Deere Tractor
- Bird stickers (love)
- Easy button
- Bag Balm
- GI Joes
- Candles
- Puzzle
- And much more...Amazing!

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