Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you in the craft?

So blogging means sometimes it is OK to share other people's ideas and crafts (thank god because I can not do projects or shop every day!) So in lieu of doing a craft tonight, I am sharing a few good ones that are on my hit list.

I don't know about you, but I bock when I see fabric lined baskets in the big box stores for like $17.99 a piece- ridic! So, above is a very inexpensive way to use an old box, any color spray paint and line with leftover fabric. Simple, great idea.

I love bangles and have a million all misplaced in my 'jewelry' drawer in my dresser. I think this is a cute way to keep them organized! I always see boxes like those at flea markets or thrift shops and just buy some Izzy bottles :)

So you might be wondering why I think this is a crafty fun idea. Well, because my husband has two boxes full of bowling. lacrosse and basketball trophies in our attic. Just spray paint them, and use as book ends or fun little bookshelf doo-dads. You could always 're-give' them to your friends too, for like, 'Best Friend to Drink Wine With' or 'Aah-mahzing Husband Award'...

One of my favorite things to do is go to flea markets and yard sales in the summer (Anna Cole) and hit up Goodwill year round. I always end up with at least two books...and they always have some old vintage ones. The library is also a great place to get .50 cent books too. Just rip, cut, and hole cute (especially the ones with the great pictures). There you have it, gift tags and bookmarks.

Feeling extra craft this weekend (and have some power tools?) If I was, I would (err, my husband) would make this amazing corn hole game. I was first introduced to this living in Seattle where all of my University of Washington (go Huskies) friends would play (including bright purple ones at tailgates). Well, I fell in love immediately, and now of course I want one- monogrammed. Here is a site to get you started. I told Matt, you make the wood part, and I will sew the bean bags :)

So there are a few ideas for this long, President's Day weekend! Let me know if you end up making anything!


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