Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Can Thank Me Later | valentine's day hints

Trust me, Valentine's Day has never been one of my favorites...for all of the usual suspect reasons (no boyfriend, no flowers, depressing, cold, frustrating- the list goes on and on.) BUT, I have been converted into a 'fan' of the holiday. I have been spoiled as of late with love. Matt proposed to me on the day before Valentine's Day two years ago, and last year our family threw us a surprise engagement party on Valentine's Day. Proof things can change. Keep your thoughts positive and have fun, you never know when (or where!) love will find you. And, if your significant other needs a little nudge- check out the below finds (or you can totally treat yourself- promise). If you are loving the Stella & Dot items as much as I am, you can reach out to two friends of mine who carry it Rebecca (Boston) and Lisa (Kennebunkport). Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Wish List1