Saturday, March 24, 2012

Matching It Up! | DIY Favors

I am preparing for two fun parties coming up- my niece Lucy's first birthday, and my dear friend Anna's 32nd birthday- which I am hosting little get together for. I have always loved thinking of useful, cute and economical favors. Here is the one I decided on today- while shopping. I think I have seen it done on Pinterest, but never thought to try. It is funny what you start to think of while wondering the aisles... for a couple of hours... ;)

I found match boxes at a discount store, 3 for $1.29- you cannot beat that. I also found a book of cute basic prints and colors of paper at Michael's for 50% off, so it was only $9.99 for over 200 pieces of cute paper!

I have rick rack scissors from my mother-in-law that are great. All I did was trim the sides of the paper, and glue gun it onto the boxes.

It was so easy and pretty cheap! I know I am always looking for a match to light candle- these are so cute you don't need to hid them :)

The candles were just as easy. Just use rick rack ribbon (I got 2 yards for $1 at Michael's- I used a total of 2 yards). The tea light candles are from Michael's as well- it was $6.99 for the box of 24.

Just hot glue gun a dollop on the back of the tea light, and connect the rick rack- trim and you are done.

I am excited to share these favors, and have a fun girls night celebrating Anna. Stay tuned for more on party ideas...and see how the entire party comes together!



  1. how cute! what a great idea :) just found your blog and it is so cute! love the stripes!