Monday, April 9, 2012

April Showers bring... New Closets!

I am so excited to have been featured on Mainely Mara's Spring 2012 Style Selection of her blog! You can check out the full reveal of the closet here. She offers some of the best deals on all of the must haves in Portland, Maine from fashion to spa and beauty! I highly recommend you check out her blog and sign up for her daily deals! I wanted to do a quick re-cap of the master closet Matt and I did...after a lot of back and forth, we settled on this! Enjoy

This photo is so before, this was taken during the inspection of the house before we even bought it!

After a little elbow grease, Matt ripped out all the rods and patched up the walls.

And we are getting there...

Still getting there! We decided to do a built-in bench at the end to make it kind of like a room, since it has a window in it. It is a great place to put your shoes on! 

I have a million scarfs and pashminas- so I came up with this handy dandy little contraption (with a little Pinterest inspiration).

And the finished product! I had the bench cushion custom made with fabric I got for a steal at under $3.00 a yard! I made the curtain to match, and found a few accessories around the house. 

I hope you enjoyed the total closet renovation! I am so glad we did it- it makes putting my clothes away not so unbearable! Thanks again Mara for featuring it on your blog! I greatly appreciate it.



  1. Your wardrobe is looking so great! I love that you included a bench seat in there. All of my favorite inspiration images have a place to sit :)

  2. What a beautiful closet! I love it! One word of caution, however, I had a closet with a window in it in a previous home and you may want to put a black-out curtain up. Every single pair of jeans I owned ended up with a fade mark where they were folded. Expensive lesson to learn....