Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basics + Prints + Budget = Sarah's Spring Must Haves

Now that it is OFFICIALLY spring, it is time to get some basics (that don't break the bank) to match with you splurges! Here are a few I have from Old Navy (if you pick through, you can get some great things there). They always have coupons and discounts too...so be sure to always 'Google/Bing' Old Navy coupons before you head out to shop. Enjoy!

I have this top, have worn it twice with jeans and gold flats...would be really cute with white jeans too (after Memorial Day!)

I have this top on now, as I type this. Perfect for after work, throwing on with black calf length stretch pants and the gold flips at the end of this post! Side note: it is quarter length sleeve- although hard to tell in picture.

I have this tank, so cute with a white cardigan and jeans with gold flips! 

This is cute, again, with jeans or white jeans and teal accents. I love the muted tomato reds and corals with teal!

I literally have 6 pairs of these flips (from J Crew and Old Navy). Good basic colors are a must, like shiny black, gold, silver and grey. I will not lie, J Crew hold up much better, but if you want a cheap-o pair for around town, you cannot beat this price. I got mine for $9 with coupon.

So there are some fun basics that will afford you to save up for some favorite must haves. All go with jeans, white pants, and neutral colored skirts!



  1. Oooh, yes. All of the things with white jeans! Must. Find.

  2. I love all Old Navy top sooo much--I just haven't been able to find it anywhere to try it on! Boo! Yay for finding a fellow New England blog...I live down in Rhode Island {and my husband is actually from South Berwick!} have a great Monday! xoxo {av}

  3. I still feel I need this sailboat top...hmmmm.

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