Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guest Feature: Ogden Cottage | Bend, Oregon

One of my dearest friends, Ms. Anna Cole and her friend Sarah (also the owner and designer), found and fixed up this desperately seeking love little cottage on Ogden Street in Bend, OR, which they appropriately nicknamed "Ogden". Anna is one of those friends who you get e mails from with the subject line: In Cambodia, Cant Chat Now, or: OMG come to Mexico with me! (those are no joke!). Needless to say, not only am I envious of her traveling ways, but now I am envious of her adorable abode. She was kind enough to share with me their experience in fixing it up. Anna now lives in the cutest little place, in one of the cutest little (well, pretty good sized) towns (yes, it rivals my beloved Kennebunkport!)

The Shower

Before: Not much to say here other than it needs help!

After: How amazing is the steel shower lining (Sarah was inspired by this in a magazine) with elegant shower curtains from Anthropologie to give it a softer feel. It also created much more spacing by eliminating the glass walls (and is a lot more airy and clean).

Second After: Bath
(You will notice how this wallpaper pattern in sprinkled throughout the house). This is just framed piece of left over wallpaper. The crystal chandelier adds that romantic, feminine look too!

The Bedroom

Before: No one will complain about having nice open ceilings- but when it is red walls meeting pine colored panels...

After: I mean seriously. This looks like it is out of Country Living Magazine! I love the whitewashed look with baskets for storage. By adding in closets (this is the bedroom after all!) on each side helps ground the door, and offers much needed storage.

Second After: Bedroom (amazing what some paint can do, isn't it)

The Side Door

Before: Just needing some TLC with paint and new hardware. They did remove shingles and went with classic white clapboard for the siding.

After: New clapboard all around! I love the cool white with the grassy green door.

The Living Room

Before: One thing I love is that a lot of the new updates were recycled from other places, or just found behind them! The wood floors were already there (under piles of carpet and vinyl). They removed the stone covering as well (and found amazing brick behind it). Many of the updated appliances were from Habitat for Humanity.

After: What a cute, cozy place. You can see the great brick, beautiful floors, adorable wall paper and some nice white paint. The pink couch is priceless (and very doll house) which they found at a yard sale and had re-upholstered. I love how it is open, but still functional with dining, lounging and kitchen spaces (behind the wood stove is a bar looking into the kitchen). They also added one of my new favorite things, chalkboard paint. Look closely and you will see it on the right side wall.

Second After: Kitchen Nook. Love the wallpaper pattern, and love how they re-used it throughout the house. They added the wrap around bench with built-in storage and found this cute 50's style table to tie the look together.

The Front

Before: The front of the place needed a lot of TLC. Sarah decided to add on to the front, and include a porch. By doing so, this added much needed outdoor space. Their contractors Greg and Brad framed in an expanded room, and added the porch.

After: The look that Sarah and Anna wanted (and even wrote on the contractors papers) was Beach Cottage meets Doll House! I think this hits the nail on the head. Not only does it have my favorite kind of lighting (industrial meets cottage), the colors are amazing. Now if only I could be having a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) on this porch...

Thank you Anna and Sarah for sharing this very well done restoration of a cute little cottage. I love the use of recycled items and not changing the character. It is a wonderful home, and I cannot wait to be there soon (hint, hint).