Monday, December 19, 2011

One Dough- Three Different Cookies!

One of the first crafty things besides sewing I really got into after college was making sugar cookies! So, on a cold Sunday afternoon while Matt watched the Pats play Tiebow I was nestled (err, hiding) out in the kitchen. I was inspired by one of my all time, most absolutely, totally fantastic, just plain awesome inspirations, Amy Atlas and her recent spotlight on sugar cookies in People Magazine. I modified some of her ideas a bit, as I explain below. Enjoy

- I used almost the same sugar cookies recipe as Amy's- but I do not add salt, and add 2 tsp baking powder. Let the dough get cold, I usually leave it in the refrigerator over night. I decided to use just two cookie cutters, and keep it simple- so I decided to use a star and candy cane shape.

- After I made a double batch of dough, I cut out the shapes, and baked for 10 minutes a batch. I melted a bag of Toll House chocolate chips over very low heat, stirring a constantly. Once the cookies cooled completely- I dipped a portion of the cookie into the pot of chocolate, and placed on tin foil. While the chocolate was still warm, I sprinkled on sea salt (just a pinch) on the star shaped cookies. For the candy cane shaped cookies, I sprinkled on crushed candy cane pieces (how apropos). I also did a small batch with white frosting on both cookie shapes, and added green sprinkles. Leaving me with three different cookies, all from the same dough.

- Once all the cookies were done, I placed on small white plates with a doilies. I added boxwood sprigs I had in an arrangement in the center.

- I put each kind of cookie on its own plate with boxwood sprigs.

- My mom gave me a little box of vintage Christmas stickers, so I decided to put them on white paper, cut rounded edges, hole punch in the corner and tie with red ribbon as gift tags. I love re-using things I already have.

- I bough this clear wrap (comes in a roll like wrapping paper) at the Dollar Store, and I think it works great for holding all the cookies on the plate, but still keeping the look simple and clean. Add red ribbon, and done!

Hopefully this inspires you to do a little baking for your friends and family. On a side note, I am loving my camera- and still trying to get use to all of the settings, lighting options etc. So excuse my photos while I master the art of the Canon.

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