Monday, December 5, 2011

Camera Time

So my husband outdid himself and got me a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with a Canon 75-300 MM zoom lens. Very cool, and very intimidating. So we just played around with it...and here is what I came up with. Note: many are of my dog, who I affectionately call The Nugget or The Puppy. Just FYI. - Crazy how different setting effect the photos...

- This was taken with the basic lens in the portrait setting.

- No flash, much warmer photos. More of the look I was going for

- The Nugget

- Posing with the tree

- Soft light- zoom is great for ornament on the tree...

- When using the 'Flower' setting, flash is on, things look brighter/sharper

- Mini-Matt playing Lacrosse

- Hi to my west coast friends...

So, the camera is amazing, and I am one lucky girl. This is a fun camera I will use all the time. If you have any tips or tricks for better picture taking, let me know!


  1. Oh yay! How lucky are you!? I love how the photos have turned out :)

  2. I am going to be taking a class a MECA in Feb. on how to use my SLR more effectively. I will defiantly have some pointers for you when I am done. Great Job Miles... what a great model!!