Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wicked Easy Holiday Swag

Real quick, easy way to give a little holiday touch, with out any money*. You can put this swag on your mailbox post (like I did), on your bedroom door (like I did)- it is a nice way to be festive without wreaths all over your house :) Remember, less is more...

- *OK, so I had the ribbon, boxwood and have a great big pine tree in my yard that I can cut from.

- Anyways, this is super easy- just take 4-5 sprigs of pine, then lay 2-3 sprigs of boxwood on top. Add a sprig or two of red berries and tie them all together at the top with twine. Use ribbon to tie a bow on top of twine.

- Waaaaahlaaa, wicked quick easy way to make some swag.

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