Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fabric Galore

Well- now that New England finally has their first snow of the year (because I am just going to ignore the fact that it snowed 6 inches on my favorite holiday- halloween!) it is time to start doing indoor projects which to me = sewing! Here are a few of my favorites- all found on Spoonflower.

vintage bicycle cruiser

i. love. stripes. enough. said

Parchman Stripe
perfect for a Valentine's Day project


I think this is perfect for a little boy's room


celebrate bunting grand scale

I have not totally understood, nor am I 'feeling' the whole mustache craze, but I know a lot of you this fabric is for you

Mustache all over - Black White

This is by far one of my favorite

Underwater Friends

I think I am ordering this today and making pincushions and a pillow with it


This one seems familiar, and I like that

Second favorite- especially for a little boy's room or a kids bathroom

It is like the stars aligned and took two of my favorites (rabbits and toile) and
combined forces!

Antique Bunnies

Basic and perfect

Geo Tile Kiwi

fox = heart

I hope you find some inspirational fabric and come up with a great January project. Head on over to my Pinterest to get some ideas!


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  1. I love the fox Fabric, it is always great to use a non traditonal fabric in a craft project. I love the idea for the pin cushions, I would have never thought of that.