Monday, January 2, 2012

Showcasing Those Lucky Letters!

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol.(Wikipedia) And if you know me, you know I love monograms. It started when I was little, and I had a monogrammed sweater, and growing up seeing monogrammed towels in my house. As I got older, I think I would associate monogrammed items with my family, home, things that reminded me of my family. So, dare I say, my obsession began. Now that I am a bit older, I also know I like monograms because of the history they bring with them. Some of my favorite possessions are monogrammed items, whether they are from family, or something new I received for my wedding, I know it is something that has meaning, and can be handed down. I love seeing old monogrammed silver and other beautiful household items at antique shops. I always see it and wonder, Who did it belong to? Where did they live? What was their name? What did they serve with this dish or serving fork? I like to think when I purchase antique monogrammed items, that I am representing that person well, and going to be using that piece to serve my family and friends, or put my precious jewelry in it.

My post from Woodstock, Vermont showed some beautiful pieces I found. I did end up buying a pewter little jewelry box with an 'S' on it, that I have happily placed on my dresser with two pairs of earrings my late grandmother left for me which means a lot. I love monograms, old or new...and wanted to share a few old and new ideas for showcasing your lucky letters!

1. Monogrammed dishes. These are some of my all-time favorites. They have just become available at Williams Sonoma but are from Pickard. When I registered for my wedding, they were not easily available, but thankfully for any brides out there, you can now easily register for them. And I remind will have them for ever, and can pass them down.

2. Vintage monogrammed baby spoons. How precious are these gold plated spoons. Keep your eyes peeled at antique/flea markets, vintage shops and yard sales- you never know what you will find.


3. I love the traditional monogrammed towels from Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus and the likes (my sister got me amazing ones from L.L Bean for Christmas!) but these ones from West Elm are a little bit of a modern flare for all of you who think monogramming is sooooo preppy :)

4. If you know a man that has been in a wedding, chances are he got a monogrammed flask as a groomsmen gift. Well....we did it too. Matt gave these Pottery Barn ones out to his brothers and brother-in-law. They are a safe, classic gift...and ironically, Matt who has been in 7, yes 7, weddings does not have one...maybe they are not as popular as I originally thought!

5. Speaking of gifts, one of my favorite bridesmaids gifts was a monogrammed silver 'Richmond' Mint Julip cup (similar to the one below). One of my best friends, Ginna is from Richmond, Virginia, and her wedding was in Virginia- so the gift was very apropos. I have it on my kitchen windowsill and change it out with seasonal flowers (currently I have boxwood and red berries).


6. I just love the simplicity of this necklace. You could get your initials, you and your significant others, or even your kids...options are endless with this one! Handmade from Hot Mix Cold on etsy.

7. One thing I have had many of (and will always have room for more) is make-up bags. I love these ones from West Elm that are hand blocked.

Link8. So I know I JUST said that I loved the simplicity of the necklace above, but I also love the craziness of the one below from Moon & Lola. This is more of a traditional monogram...and I want one so bad! I think of it like the preppy take to the 'Carrie' know what I am talking about...

9. Again, as mentioned in the Woodstock, Vermont post, Simon Pearce has amazing hand blown glass made in Vermont (and I know there is a shop in San Francisco that I passed with Ginna) but anyways, what a beautiful vase for a bride or favorite friend, with their monogram of course!

10. Shifting gears has come a long way. I did not even own a cell phone in college (wow, that makes me sound, feel, and generally realize that I am old). Now that I have a cell phone, I totally want one of these monogrammed iPhone cases from DaniNotes. I love the chevron one with the simple monogram, but all would do :)

11. And last, but not least for all of you iPad users (Brooke, perfect for your new Christmas present!) I love these needlepoint covers from Land's End...surprised that they are from Land's End, I will start taking a closer look to their catalogs :)

So you can make fun of me all you want about liking (errr loving) monograms, but I am sure at least one of those items peaked your interest. And if not, that is OK, maybe a gift for someone else that does...


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