Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Touch to A Baby Must

OK, so my post title is not necessarily from experience, but I know my sister and many of my friends babies live in Onesies. Whether they are under outfits or taking a nap, I know they are a necessity. Here is a really quick, easy way to add a little touch to a basic white Onesie.

All you  need is some Onesies, DMC thread (like the kind we used to make friendship bracelets in 5th grade!) and a sewing needle. Separate and use three of the six pieces of thread of the DMC when you stitch.

The best way for you to learn this stitch, is by this YouTube link on exactly how to do the bucket stitch. I did the stitch around the collar and sleeves.

 Tie cute ribbions around if you are giving as a gift! 

I added a free-hand heart on the sleeve of this Onesie. You could do any easy shape. I know Judi wants a green shamrock for Killian!

And Miles wanted to be part of the original photo shoot for the guest blog over at Cinsarah. I may not have a baby...but these two sure are the loves of my life! 


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