Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick Little Trip to Beantown!

Matt and I went to Boston last night to see Adam Corolla (Matt's absolute favorite) at The House of Blues. Well...the show was great but I found my new absolute favorite, Madewell. Owned by J.Crew (which I knew) when I saw the shop on Newbury St, I had to check it out. Needless to say, every single piece, the merchandising, the people...loved. L.o.v.e.d.! Check out some shots and a few other highlights of our quick trip to Beantown.

- Madewell located on Newbury St in Boston (across from Patagonia and American Apparel)

- Love everything (except the shoes, to be honest). The feel is similar to J.Crew but a little less refined and more casual boho-chic. 

- Madwell does a really great job of displays and merchandising. Grouping items by outfit vs department. They have great jewlery spread througout the store which I think engages shoppers more than a display of all jewlery in one place. Side note: can you wear white before Memorial Day? Jury is out on that one...

- Very cool mason jar like dispensers.

- They do a good job at using unique 'props' throughout the shop. I love the white top and scarf look too. 

- Two of my favorites, stripes and pink. I think stripes are huge.

- I am also loving the french linen look. I found some antique french linen fabric the other day at an antique shop for about $65 a yard! This chair is amazing, and I am sure cost big bucks. You see other mainstream brands duplicating the look like Pottery Barn.

- I love these vintage clocks they use for display. To get a similar look in your home, L.L Bean has 1931 Big Ben alarms clocks (I have one and it is great), they also carry Moon Beam clocks which have a more retro feel. 

- Love the idea of random knobs as hangers for hats, jewelry etc.

- This has been on our wish list forever. Classic Pendleton Glacier National Park blanket. 

- Chevron prints are also very big right now. 

So that was a little taste of an awesome inspirational shop, Madewell. You can buy online, or visit one of their retail shops near you!

- Rugby is a spin off of Ralph Lauren which I first found out about when I lived in Seattle and shopped at the one in U Village. They are a little over the top with the whole, preppy-school-girl-gone-bad-look...but they do have a few great pieces. Matt ended up with more than me- he got a baby blue and white rugby shirt, on sale.

- Rugby like many others, are promoting the plaid button down. I have seen this look a lot, a little cowgirl meets Maine-auh. 

- We stayed at the Charlesmark hotel which is directly across from the Boston Library and a block or so from the Prudential building. We checked out the mall at the ground level of the building.

- Another favorite, Vinyard Vines has a shop at the Prudential building. They have the classic preppy look down pat. I don't think I have been to a wedding without seeing at least one person in a classic VV tie. 

- The colors made me want to transport myself to warmer weather immediately and get a sun kissed tan and have a glass of white wine!

- And for all you moms out there, Skip * Hop now has a line of diaper bags designed by Johnathan Adler (the master of amazing colors and patterns). They had a great display- and you cannot go wrong with Sophie the Giraffe (so I hear).


- We had a bite to eat the the ever so famous The Bleacher Bar which is basically in the green monster. Great view of Fenway on a cold January night.

- And because I was probably the first person to buy tickets to the show, we were in the front row- literally. Like get a kink in your neck front row. It was amazing, and seeing the smile on Matt's face throughout the show was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.

So, that is a little recap of a quick beantown visit! 



  1. Wow, that looks like a fabulous trip! I'm jealous!

  2. Thanks Ginger! I highly recommend a night in Boston!