Monday, January 9, 2012

Ugh Closet to Yeah Closet!

I don't know if you are like me- but if you are, than you have a closet in your house that actually gives you a stomach ache when you think about it- and how messy it is. Well, I have had one of those stomach aches for about a year now...and it had to end before I got an ulcer :) So, I tackled my 'craft' closet in our office once and for all. It took a little motivation from Matt- but finally one night after work last week, I took everything out...and so began the process.

- Messy, messy closet #1

- And picture #2

- And last but not least ... (note the pink doors and interior of closet)

- And here is all of the 'stuff' I had to take out, and figure out how to put it all back in...

- Ahh....and a little paint goes a long way. Side note: after Matt pulled out some old molding, a lot more came with it, including all of the 1890's horse hair plaster...literally horse hair. So after I sneezed for about a half an hour- Matt replaced the second shelving back wall with new 1/4 inch sheet rock. Bound to happen with an old house I suppose.

- It was one of those things, where the stars aligned for me at Target. I found a ton of great organizing bins in that section they have in the front, that everything is usually really theme oriented and $1.00. Well, this times theme was home organization. Score!

- They had great file folders (top left) and wire baskets for $2.50 a piece (second shelf).

- I loved the galvanized buckets they had, for $2.50- which work perfect for my fabric.

- I had this wire basket, which also works good for smaller fabric pieces. It is perfect so you can still see your options without having them all in a box.

- I use Mason jars for odds and end buttons, and when I get new ones from clothes, I just add them to the jar.

- Matt added peg board to the inside of the doorwhich is great for ribbon and scissors.

- I had some cute note cards that I loved, but decided to use them as tags to identify what was in each basket.

- Even the floor was pink, it now looks much better white and organized to boot!

- Target also had these great trays for little odds and ends. I love the gray print!

- TJ Maxx had this great apothecary jar for $7.99 which looks awesome with old thread bobbins I had.

- They also had these grey-ish baskets (3 for $12.99) which add nice texture to the closet. And of course, more thread!

So, there it is. A craft closet that does not give me a stomach ache any more! On another note, as you can see, I am still getting use to the new camera. Unfortunately since I work full time, I am never home during natural daylight. So I am still working with the flash...let me know what kind of photo you think looks best!

Happy organizing!



  1. such a great makeover! I love it! :)

  2. Total inspiration Sarah!

  3. Looks great! Love how organized it is. I have been looking for buckets like those for my boys' room! I haven't seen any at Target recently. They'd be perfect though!

    -Erin Spain
    DIY On the Cheap