Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not Every Project is Perfect is a day for posting projects that don't come out exactly how you pictured. I have had this little sitting bench forever. We got it at an antique shop and I have always been wanting to recover the top. So today I decided to tackle it. I have plenty of fabric and a staple gun which is all you really need. Here is what it looked like:

Instead of me just picking out a fabric I had to make it more difficult and use burlap and wanted to add a strip of linen fabric with zig zag stitching. This is where I should have stopped- and just stuck with what I know.

You can see below I have cut my burlap and white linen to fit the top of the bench.

I then 'wrap' the bench top and pin it into place. Pinning the white linen too- so I know where exactly to sew it on.

And I begin sewing. This kind of a stitch can be difficult since you can see it so well- so one little hiccup can really show. I did the sewing about three times to try and make it perfect.

But in the end, there are imperfections of the stitching and the entire top came out looking a bit 'lumpy' and the linen was tough to keep in a perfect straight line. I fastened the top back on to the bench- and it looks OK. It does not look as perfect and professional as I had hoped- but not every project can come out exactly as you wish.

See- tough to make it perfect horizontal and not lumpy.

Miles was somewhat unimpressed as well- and is ready for a nap.

So anyways, this is just a quick reminder that we are not perfect, and even just trying a project (trial and error) can make you a better. Maybe on the next project-less Sunday I will again, re-do the bench- but for now, it works!


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