Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sewing Kit | How to and Giveaway

I am really excited to be part of a fantastic giveaway over at Cinsarah starting tomorrow! There are tons of great items you can check out all of the great participants and prizes. I decided to make and giveaway a sewing kit idea I found on Pinterest a long time ago...and always wanted to try. So here is how I did it!

I have a ton of mason jars leftover from my sisters Cowgirl Rodeo Bachelorette Party (more on that another day!) So I used one of those, and some great tea stained burlap I got at Marden's for $2.99 a yard (see more I got here). You will also need: hot glue gun, fun sewing notions, sand, nylons (old tights, pantyhose, etc.) ribbon or twine and a cute tag.

To make the pin cushion on the top of the mason jar, I took an old nylon and filled it with about 1/2 cup of sand (from the beach- or you can buy fake sand at Michael's) and tied off the nylon really tight, making a ball of sand in a nylon. Then I placed two layers of burlap over the 'sand ball' and pushed through the top of the mason jar lid so it was very taught. You will have leftover burlap around the edges (see below) so using the hot glue gun, I secured those edges to the lid.

I took another piece of burlap and cut it the same size as the bottom of the lid. I glued this on to make the inside lid look a little neater.

Once I had the lid compete (see in a few of the below pics) I had so much fun finding vintage sewing notions to give this kit a romantic, rustic, antique feel. I had some great vintage bobbins and thread, along with some great buttons and pearl tipped pins.

I wanted to make a cute tag, so I tried a few different ways. I have really small alphabet stamps I got at Michael's for $1 (in the $1 bins in the front of the store) and have a bunch of stickers I I had a few options.

So I placed all of my sewing notions (also included sewing scissors, thimble, measuring tape, needles, pink and grey embroidery thread) and added my tag (and also a stamp of a bumble bee and an extra piece of burlap for fun) using twine to keep with the rustic romantic look.

I also rolled up some burlap and striped khaki and cream fabric (for the lucky winner!) to create a sewing project of their own.

There you have it! I love sewing (am not very good, but am learning) and think it is such a great skill to have. So hopefully this will inspire you to dust off, or borrow a sewing machine and get sewing!

So don't forget to go over to Cinsarah to enter to win this, along with a huge list of other great items including some of my other favorite blogger and retailers like Southern Lovely and Vintage Printage.

Good luck and enjoy!


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