Friday, October 28, 2011

Favors: Not just for kids anymore!

I wanted to share some really fun, cute favor ideas (not just for weddings, either). I have many to share, so here is a good taste of some of my favorites. Some I can take partial credit for, others are totally the brainchild of some of my very talented friends. I personally think favors and details are such a nice addition, and way to show your guest that you added a touch of personality to your event.

1. KOOZIES! How fun are these? My very good friend Anna Dixon (side note: she has this amazing shop Spaces) did an awesome job with these favors. She offered bottles of micro-brew beers, and good ole' Bud Lights at her fun backyard wedding. Not only are they a favor, but very useful at the wedding to keep your beverage chilled (duh). Another note: It was also really fun to look up the hill and see a bunch of people, 20's- 60's carrying a bright yellow koozie!

2. Starfish hangers! For my 10 year high school reunion, a few friends and I decided to make little starfish hangers with tags. Since our hometown is on the ocean- we thought it was very apropos to have a coastal themed event (we went with a full on lobster bake!) The favors are very easy to make- here is how we did it:

  • We strung mini-tags similar to these on thin navy ribbon (Brooke, with the best handwriting wrote out 'KHS Reunion- 2008' with a navy marker)
  • Then using a hot glue gun, loop the ribbon and use a dab of glue on the back of the starfish, hold ends in the center of glue dab
  • Hold for 10 seconds, and let dry for about a half an hour
We used them in the center of each table with a few votive candles, and made sure every one grabbed one on their way out as a fun little keep sake.

3. Pumpkin Candles: I love a deal, so when I saw packages of 9 small pumpkin candles at Rite-Aid on sale for $2.99 a box, I snagged up 4 boxes (not knowing exactly what I would do with them at the time). I decided to use them for favors for my mom's surprise 60th birthday party my sister, Katie and I threw. Here is the breakdown:

I had small clear treat bags and a little leftover moss (yes, real moss that I love using for all kind of projects) and of course, an abundant amount of ribbon.

So, easily, just put in a pinch of moss and push to the corner of the treat bag, add candle, and tie ribbon (I used brown and left-over twine) at the top. I happen to have an old box from my Papa's garage, so I filled the bottom with crumpled up newspaper to give the effect of a lot of treats, but really there were about 30! Easy and affordable, right!

4. Martini Bachelorette Favors: I helped throw my good friend Anna (see above Koozie post) a bachelorette party last summer. We decided to have a glamor, cocktail theme (who doesn't love an excuse to wear that little black dress). Naturally, I jumped at making favors- and here is what I came up with:

  • Martini glasses from the Dollar Store (OK, I know, I love shopping local, and supporting local businesses, but sometimes I do go to the DS because I mean really, who can afford $10 martini glasses)
  • Fill with fake pearls and fake diamond rings from iParty
  • I also had little buttons made with an image of a fancy high heel shoe that said "Anna's Bachelorette" very subtle way to celebrate, without all wearing big sashes!!
  • I filled left over clear treat bags from previous project (see above!) with two Hershey Kisses (great bling color!)
  • Top off the glass with pink shredded paper like this
Whaaaa- laaaa! Amazing, fun, useful (fun pics with everyone in their pearls and diamonds) favors for a fun girls night out.

5. Wine-O: If you know me, you know I love me a glass of wine! My awesome friends threw me a bridal shower, and naturally, the favor was a bottle of wine :) How Sarah! My talented friend Emily designed and printed these labels (which also matched the beautiful invitations) and adhered to bottles of pinot grigio- my favorite. They did a great job matching the center pieces with the back yard garden themed shower. I love the little apothecary glass bottles of cut flowers from the garden! Thank you girls.

Happy Friday!

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