Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Eve

Halloween is my favorite holiday, by far. I think it stems back to when my dad and I use to actually map out (before Google Maps days) our trick-or-treating route, by hand. It also might be that I love anything scary. Oh, and I love pumpkins, apple cider, fall get the idea.

One of my favorite things to do is carve pumpkins. I did this technique a few years back in Seattle, and decided to do it again. It is very easy, and has a fun effect. Here is how I did it. More pictures to come when they are all lite up in their glory tomorrow night!

1. I used a small pumpkin, but any size will do. I always wash with warm water to make sure all the dirt is off, and it is at its 'peak' orange color!

2. Once the top is cut and you scoop out the seeds, all you need is a melon ball scoop as seen in the picture below. On the side of the pumpkin, just do a lite scoop out of the side. Try not to poke all the way through the pumpkin (if you do a little, it is OK)

3. Continue to do scoops all over the pumpkin. I did them randomly, but you could do lines of scoops, or even a scooped out face pattern.

4. When you put your candle in, you can see how it just gives off a nice glow. (Forgive the amateur photo, still working on it)

4A. And as you all know, you can always use the seeds for a tasty treat later. I the seeds on a greased cookie, added a spray or two of butter, sprinkled salt, sprinkled cinnamon and sprinkled some sugar. Put in the oven at 300 degrees for 45 minutes or so, and enjoy (my husband will)!

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