Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Before & After- Bathroom

Although we liked our half bath off of our kitchen when we moved in, we felt it needed a little 'something'. I looked in my favorite wallpaper books by Thibaut - and could not quite find the look I was going for. I later found an amazing post on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love- and wahh laaa, found it (see it here)!

So, on one of the hottest, most beautiful summer days (I have no idea why) Matt and I decided to take a wack at it, and here is how it came out.

Before: Basic, new toilet, nice new floors (can't complain there) and new basic sink and console.

Before: Again, nice new sink. We thought of doing an antique pedestal sink but that was more than we wanted to bite off for a weekend.

Before: Looking in from hallway/laundry room.

And our After!

Looking in from the hallway- you can see the nice big painted stripes!

After: My mom found these great maps (we love maps) at a flea market ($5!!) of our beloved town. Matt bought these black frames from Michaels for $20 a piece!

Painting the walls was- errr, difficult, but not impossible. We did a fresh coat of white paint, then measured out 10 inches and penciled out the stripes. Then we just painted in the darker of the two with narrow paint rollers. NOTE: the painters tape will only work when the walls are completely dry.

After: Another black frame with a write up about our town found at the same flea market as above piece. We bought a new hand towel holder to match the new switch plates and knobs to match!

After: We decided to paint the sink console white, and added bead board to the one showing side. This helped differentiate it a bit. We added matching knobs as the rest of to give it more of a refined feel.

I always think less is more (it took me a while to come to this conclusion). To keep it simple, I added a new bottle of really great soap from Molton Brown. Also, instead of bolting a toilet paper holder on to my new bead board, I found a matching stand alone toilet paper holder, which goes great in the corner. Add a matching waste basket, and we were DONE!

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