Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Job, Big Ambition- Stay Tuned!

So Matt said this looked like the biggest project I have taken on to date (by myself)...I told him, just support it, and it will come out fine. So, like a good husband, he helped guide me on my way to stenciling bliss! I found this awesome idea on another wonderful blog here by Jones Design Company.

This is just the beginning my friends...

Before: I love the color of my bedroom walls, it is a light sky blue. But the wall art is too blue with it, and I want more of a patter and texture to the room.

Matt helping me get the stenciling going. I messed up a bit, but kept plugging away.

I am going to continue to stencil the rest of the wall, then paint white. Hopefully the finishing project will look something like this from Jones Design Company, if I am lucky!

Stay tuned...

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