Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge! Better Late than Never

I may be a bit late on this, but I did want to submit to the Pinterest Challenge I read about from Young House Love (can you tell I love that blog or what). So, I posted a sneak peak to my very big job I was starting in our master bedroom...and here are my end results. I pinned this in my mind a long time ago, and found the official pin from Jones Design Company.

What I used:
- Left over white paint from a kitchen project
- About 1/2 cheap ($2.49) paint brush from Michael's Crafts
- Cardboard from a shoe box for the pattern- which I printed from
Jones Design Company.
- Pencil
- A lot of time (I think about 4-5 hours to stencil, and 5+ to paint)

All I did was take the stencil from Jones Design Company, trace it on to cardboard and cut out for my stencil. I should have started in the corner, but for some reason I started in the middle (don't do that) start at the corner. Just being to trace and trace, moving the stencil down as you go, and repeat, and repeat!

For the painting, I just painted over the pencil lines, sloooowly. There are for sure places where I messed up (big time) but that is OK, it gives it character and I like that.



More Progress

Almost there

Yeah! Now just have to focus on wall art

Totally love my new textured wall- and it cost $13 total, and A LOT of time- but well worth it!


  1. I have had this in mind for ages and really want to do it too. Did you find it easy to keep your painting neat?

  2. Hi Tamsyn- It was not too difficult. I think I got a little sloppy towards the end, so when I look at the wall 'I' can tell it is a little less neat. But otherwise, as long as your follow the pattern- it is pretty easy. I only did one wall, I would imagine doing all 4 would be a lot more tedious!

    Thanks for reading