Sunday, November 6, 2011

Caning- Not Candy.. Chair

My husband made probably made my favorite refurb ever- a hand caned chair. He found this old, previously loved free chair on the side of the road with no seat. He ended up falling in love with the project, and it came out beautiful. So if you have a caning project, let us know. Matt loves them, and is going to be working on another one this winter and I will be sure to post!

Here are a few pictures, I WISH so badly we had a before pic. It was originally painted black- but was basically all chipped off. It had no seat, although was previously caned, so the holes were already there.

I think my two favorite parts are the gold monogram he did on the chair with custom made gold stickers, and the note he wrote to my mom, tied with red ribbon on a vintage looking tag. She liked it so much, the tag is still on the chair :)

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