Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheap- Easy- Authentic Wall Art

I have struggled for years on how to dress a wall (especially a bedroom) without it looking overdone, generic and having it still relfect 'me'.

As I posted in my first Pinterest Challenge here I decided to hand paint one of my master bedroom walls- and I love how it came out. Now my next challenge was 'dressing' it with just the right art. I decided to do something I had tried, and failed at in the past. The multi-sized, multi-print (photos, print,fabric etc.) frames.

I hate to go out and buy new frames from Target or Pottery Barn ($$) and I did not have a ton that I felt all went together, so I decided to take what I had, and go on a hunt to buy. Naturally, I went to the Goodwill (second hand super center in New England) to buy old frames. I ended up spending $11 total on new frames, and spray painted them all gold. Here is how I did it:

1. Trip down memory lane (from 2 weeks ago!) This is what I mean by art that that does nothing for the room it is in. Although I love the piece, and it is actually a painting of Kennebunk River which is down the street, it was to to to blue blue blue.

2. Getting there...

3. All done with the hand painted stencil. (NOTE: I am still getting use to this camera, and it is amazing what a flash/no flash, lighting can do) Apologizes in advance. This portrays the real color of the wall the best.

4. Like I said, I found several cheap frames at Goodwill. The one Matt is removing the staples from was 99 cents!! Even if you find a nice frame and the back is capped off with paper (like a real custom joby) you can still remove the paper, and staples like we did.

5. So once I removed all of the backs and glass, I spray painted all of the frames with gold metallic spray paint ($4.99 at Ace Hardware). NOTE: It was border line too cold out (about 50 degrees F) and some of the frames were metal, so they took several coast of paint. But they came out pretty good, if I do say so myself :)

6. While at Ace Hardware, I also saw black chalkboard spray paint. I figured I could do something with it. So, I painted one of the pieces of glass from the purchased frames so I could have a little chalkboard in my room! I did about 5 coats of paint, and let dry overnight before I framed again.


End Result: All I have to do is get some nice white chalk and write whatever I want. I am thinking 'I heart Maine' - but might change my mind.

7. Another one of the frames I bought had no real backing. Ironically I had a pizza box in the barn (I could eat pizza all day- which is not good- at all) so I cut it as the same size of the glass using an EXACTO knife (there appears to be several different ways to spell that). Since I knew I did not have an actual picture, or anything I wanted to frame that size- I decided to do a homemade mat. All you have to do is cut a 4x6 (or whatever size picture you want) box out of the middle of cardboard.

8. Instead of a solid color, I wrapped the mat in some yellow and white honey comb fabric I already had. Just make an 'X' in the middle for the picture, and wrap the entire mat like a present. NOTE: I totally should have ironed the fabric...although once framed, you can hardly notice.


End Result: I found a great wedding photo and framed it. I love the contrast of the blue, yellow and gold- and the different texture of patterns looks really subtle- and great!

9. I love how these are turning out. I added two white frames I had in the attic, and will spray paint this weekend. I especially love that there is a mix of texture and mediums throughout.

- A favorite map of mine of Kennebunk
- One of Matt and I first photos at Old Orchard Beach photo booth with horizontal striped fabric as backing
- Framed print of elephant which Matt and I fell in love with
- Coral color fabric as backing, with two more wedding photos
- Two white frames are TBD, but currently have post cards from Seattle where I use to live

Although not complete, I really like how it is turning out. More to come!