Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paperwhite Season is Upon Us!

Paperwhite season is here. I think so anyways! I think anytime after Halloween until Easter can pass for paperwhite season...although I have a hard time finding them after February.

Anyways- there are so many different ways to do paperwhites. My mom always does glass container with white little rocks, I usually do soil, with glass or white containers, and add a bit of moss on the top. If you do glass and soil together, the roots can look really cool once they begin to grow!

I did a few paperwhites today- and will post again when there is progress. NOTE: Rumor is that if you add a little vodka after about 2 weeks they will not grow as tall. This can be a problem because if they get too tall, they fall over. I usually do a little ribbon to tie them together, which also helps. Here is how I did them today:

1. I grabbed some soil from my garden. I found these white containers at different markets, both under $5

2. As I mentioned, my mom always does paperwhites too, so she brought me over my first batch of the season!

3. Just place on top of soil, so just about half of the bulb is showing.

4. Water for about 10 seconds, and wait patiently! They should start to sprout in about 5 days, with beautiful, and VERY fragrant white blooms in about 2 weeks!

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